“Accumulation” and Maya

On “Accumulation with Talking plus Water Motor” and it’s connection to this Maya project.

What is it to have the cameras so a part of this?

It is about the technology. It is about our relationship with it, purposefully or not.

In Trisha Brown’s “Accumulation with Talking plus Water Motor” there is no hiding what is happening in the space: you see the cameras, you see the cables, you hear the ambulance driving by. The dancers walk in- it’s just a studio. This is just a video.

It’s jazz music rehearsed just as beautiful in this space as on the stage at Lincoln Center- the difference being the space. Not the content.

Trisha Brown makes no effort to pretend, nor do the dancers, nor do the videographers: this is just a thing they’re doing and the outcome of the editing makes it its own thing.

This was one occurrence. It is the the accumulation of effort up to ONE MOMENT IN TIME. It still only exists once. We know this film will be a different thing. We know that we are gathering material. We are self aware.

Stop. Stopping. Stopped.

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