The Maya Project 4_B

8/18/19 [Poetically presented rehearsal notes]

What is holding the camera?
What is being in front of the camera?
Focus on emergence
Duets (AKA Trios)
Pointing the camera, Listening to Sensation, Creating Movement
Camera Eyes practice

What are the benefits of utilizing the camera?

[Relating through initiating purposefully in your body certain physical mirrorings of what your perspective shows.]

‘rhythms, energies- it depends on who is looking – i want to manifest tall and strong – became fully exposed, watched on both sides’

How does time manifest?

I want us to become experts at composing for the camera so that we can consciously and compositionally ignore it.

Number of cameras, overlap, intersection, accidental, compose a lot according to partnership dynamics.

Being with the camera takes you out, but with the second camera you are composing for both: 2 worlds. Your body in this world/your body in the digital world, being seen in both.

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