The Maya Project 4_K


4_K_1 :
Hiding things from the camera
Stillness of camera and dancers switched off and on
when cameras saw eachother, camera operators were not cyborging! 
What about signals of stop, start, approach

What about quality of movement? When does it do what? When do you do certain dance moves and what are those? Where does this sound come from? Why? What is it doing?

Pedestrian movement with the camera- must be taken care of. Get more comfortable trying things makes movement quality gravitate toward pedestrian when you’re holding the camera- leaps and jumps would feel overly performative.
If your eyes can make dramatic things happen, do you need to do dramatic things?
Reality things came up like just taking care of the camera.
The camera pulls you out of the zone
You have to take responsibility for the camera

1)Both Cameras see something, 1 camera moves on
2)Camera watches dancers with other cameras
4)Cameras Looking at Each Other
5)Cameras look at same person, but two different parts of their body

-time loop, eternal
-I wish I could feel this again, don’t forget
-want to catch something rare

what is preserving a moment in your body? what does this bring up?
what is your body language when holding the camera?
what happens with timing? effort? weight? shape? why?
imposing camera preserving on others

1)Moving camera vs. still camera
2)sliding on the floor
3)one camera looks at ceiling, one looks from the ceiling
4)shaky, shaky, face
6)action happens but camera does not record

seems to be a sensation of missing something, generally
slow it down. slow it all down.

1)1 camera moving, 1 camera still
2)Dancers movement/camera movement match
3)Slide on the floor
5)Interrupting 2 frames

You forget that you don’t get to start over- with cameras you have to say “yes,and” because it was capturing everything before, during, and after your “mistake”

Bodily sensation of time passing

1)Cameras look at two parts of the body of the same person
2)Camera doesn’t see the action
4)Camera looks at other camera’s viewfinder
5)Shaky shaky face

Will they wear different costumes for each vignette?
If shaky camera isn’t that different from non-shaky camera, then it loses its effect.


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