The Maya Project_4_L


Multiple Frames
Adding Frames

Practicing Smooth Camera Movement Strategies so that it is available to us when we’re working

5 minute vignettes:
Further specifying scores, movement and camera movement vocabularies

Preserving a Moment
time loop, eternal
wish I could feel this again
awareness of the passing moment
what does this bring up in your body?

how can we partially think about the camera and partially not think about the camera- experts moving on- choosing
people not working with cameras not just in their own world
be really particular about setting up your frame
how can you make these events flow into one another
what kinds of camera vocabularies live where within this vignette?
be clear about proximity, about repetition

Creating a Sensation
sensation of what? of missing something? is it determined each run?
ask the future audience with your movement decisions to watch this in a certain way

Visible Time/Traces
stillness for one camera and one dancer
dancer movement/camera movement match
sweeping of cameras

reveals, selfies
shaky shaky face
cameras looking at each other
“i think this will look cool”
playfulness + thoughtfulness + risk
wear your favorite outfit, but be specific
the stakes of negotiation are hight -DG
playfulness makes cyborging different, i don’t want to cyborg in the same kind of way -DJ

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