The Maya Project_4_N


4_N_Preserving A Moment_1
4_N_Preserving A Moment_2
4_N_Preserving A Moment_3

returning to the beginning
we really sat in things today
keeping my frame narrow
trying closing my eyes
the length of time of “the moment” varies
do i want to preserve this moment?
is it ten seconds? a photo?
touch has come up. the body as archive in relationship with the camera as archive.

4_N_Creating A Sensation_1
4_N_Creating A Sensation_2

Sound can determine the sensation
rain? thunderstorm?
today was creepy, uneasy

4_N_Visible Time_1
4_N_Visible Time_2

working on tracing the movements from 2 seconds ago, 10 seconds ago, a minute…

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