The Maya Project_P/Q/R


4_P_Preserving A Moment_1
4_P_Creating A Sensation_1
4_P_Visible Time_1

Things to remember:
These things are a part of your composition:
shape of clothing
nail polish
shape of ceiling
geometry plays into the whole space
you want to be swooping in and out of listening to this
the shape of the lights
all of this is a part of each vignette
how does the shape of the room play into each vignette?
every scratch on the floor, every breath
considering your body when you have the camera
socks/no socks?
really set up your shot
picking it up/setting it down: how are you making decisions about these transitions?
is five minutes enough time?
how are you ending
take your time setting up each first frame

4_Q_Preserving A Moment_1
4_Q_Creating A Sensation_1
4_Q_Visible Time_1
4_Q_Preserving A Moment_2
4_Q_Creating A Sensation_2
4_Q_Visible Time_2

4_R_Preserving A Moment_1
4_R_Creating A Sensation_1
4_R_Visible Time_1
4_R_Preserving A Moment_2
4_R_Creating A Sensation_2
4_R_Visible Time_2

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