Dance and Camera

Camera Choreography Camera Dramaturgy
Dance for Camera

these that became us (2022)
with Kylee Smith

[] work in progress (2021)
with Adrienne Westwood and Angélica Negrón

Land, Sugar, Bone and Other Illustrations (2021)
with Crystal Michelle Perkins and Susan Van Pelt Petry

Spectrum (2021)
with Momar Ndiaye

entangled undoing (2021)
with Davianna Green

Alternating Reality (2021)
with Emily Craver

Ventilador (2020)
with Laura Rodriguez

Borderland vol. 1 (2020)

with Laura Rodriguez

goes, goes (2020)


OFF (2019)
with Bita Bell

Ways Cardinal (2018)

The Maya Project_2_G_2_Witnessed (2018)

walking through doorways causes forgetting (2018)
with Jacklyn Brickman

Breadth of a Walnut (2018)
with Jacklyn Brickman

Compound Present (2017)

Future Anterior (2017)

Green Guys (2017)
with Logan Company

Neu Piece A & B (2015)
with Logan Company

Hallways blue and gray (2014)
with Logan Company

From Archivist Fields (2014)
with Logan Company

down duet (2013)
with Logan Company