Hallways, 2014

Hallways, 2014
video adaptation of a live performance installation piece by Logan Company
music composed by Anthony Vine
performed by Matt Evans, Katy Gilmore, Kathryn Nusa Logan, and Anthony Vine
created as part of New Voices in Live Performance AIR series
Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY


About Logan Company:
Ongoing collaborative project with Oregon-based artist, Katy Gilmore, Logan Company has been making work since 2011. Logan Company works are based in the body and span genres of video art installation, live dance performance, interdisciplinary performance installation, multimedia performance, and dance film.
Logan Company has shown work at Center for Performance Research, Anthology Film Archives, Dixon Place, and Technicolor Postworks. They maintained annual creative residencies at SILO Kirkland Farm from 2011-2017 and were a sponsored nonprofit with Fractured Atlas from 2012-2015. Additional Logan Company collaborators include artists Travis Calvert, Allison Cave, Matt Evans, Anthony Vine, CJ Holm, and Krista Jansen.

Logan Company Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/logancompany
See also //www.katy-gilmore.com/