Human Satellites in Vegetal Space, 2020

virtual world, video installation, video performance
collaboration with Jacklyn Brickman
presented by Hopkins Hall Digital Gallery, Columbus OH 
See: Hopkins Hall Gallery

Human Satellites // Vegetal Space // A Webscape Exploration is a collaborative virtual endeavor by Kathryn Logan and Jacklyn Brickman that meshes NASA sound recordings from outer space with a virtual 3d modeled Vegetal Space where viewers become satellites, exploring the unknown, giving form and life to (the) space. 

There are two ways to experience this work. In the first, the artists will lead the explorers on a dual perspective movement, choreographed by Logan, through virtual space via screen recordings. In this version, Logan and Brickman explore under the avatar pseudonyms “Brassica Rapa” and “Raphnus Sativis”, after the Turnip and Radish vegetable planets they respectively explore. At intervals throughout the exploration they engage in a conversation formed from quotes by acclaimed science fiction author, feminist and mother, Ursula K. Le Guin (Raphnus Sativis), from Dancing at the Edge of the World: Thoughts on Worlds, Women, Places, and as Tim Smit (Brassica Rapa), founder of The Eden Project and contributor to the collection of essays in Exploring the Implications of Human Settlement in Outer Space. 

Viewers may also choose to visit the mozilla hub site to become Human Satellites in Vegetal Space and explore on their own here . 

Human Satellites // Vegetal Space // A Webscape Exploration was originally meant to be a physical, interactive installation. This virtual format is Logan and Brickman’s adjustment to working collaboratively and interactively while in isolation during the COVID19 Stay-At-Home Order in April of 2020. Thank you to Urban Arts Space / Hopkins Hall Gallery for supporting this experiment” -Jacklyn Brickman

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