Kathryn Nusa Logan is a collaborative interdisciplinary artist who utilizes experimental art practices to explore perspective, lineages, and imagined futures. Kathryn’s work spans many genres, including film, contemporary dance, performance art, dance for the screen, dramaturgy, video art, songwriting, poetry, and sound design. Kathryn’s current research is based in integrated dance-with-camera works, acts of agreement in improvisation, and genre-specific expectations of viewership. Through this work she is interrogating the dominant gaze by engaging in new, somatic-based practices of looking and interacting with cameras. She is dedicated to the slow work of dismantling systems of oppression in the arts, which starts at the hyper-local level in her artwork and teaching, and through the collaboration of the DiGS Anti-Racist Working Group at The Ohio State University (u.osu.edu/arwg). She is currently investigating how scholarship and practices in somatics, dance therapy, and trauma are being activated in dance education to address systemic oppression in the body. Kathryn holds a BFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an MFA from The Ohio State University.  

Under the name of her solo songwriting  project, Lanusa, she has recorded three albums and performed across the U.S. ongoing collaboration with dance and video partner Katy Gilmore under the project name Logan Company, has produced dozens of short films, performances and video installations.

Kathryn teaches ballet and contemporary dance technique (influenced by prolonged work with techniques including Cunningham, Limón,  Skinner Release, Susan Klein and Bartenieff Fundamentals), contemporary dance composition, improvisation, somatic practice, screendance, interdisciplinary composition, and yoga. She focuses her courses around equity,  importance of context, deep questioning, anatomical alignment, clarifying bodymapping, and personal investigation.