Human Satellites in Vegetal Space, with Jacklyn Brickman, 2020
The Maya Project_4_Installed, 2020
Off, with Bita Bell, 2019
Toward a Third Archive: Unfinished, Unordered, with Kaiya Gordon, 2019
Ways Cardinal, 2019
The Maya Project_2_G_2: Witnessed,
The Maya Project: Relics 2_C, 2_D, 2_E Video Installation, 2018
Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting, with Jacklyn Brickman, 2018
Breadth of a Walnut, with Jacklyn Brickman, 2018
Compound Present, 2018
Future Anterior, 2017
Take It Slow, with Aaron McGloin, 2017
Nothing Serious with John Appleton, 2015
The Web of Azoth with Methods of Transfer, 2014
However Long You Call Them, 2014
The Cave with Methods of Transfer,
Groovy, That’s Lonely,
By Speed of Foot Fall: On Being Seen, 2012
The Orchard,
Protean Volition,

With Logan Company:
Neupiece Installation, 2019
From Archivist Fields
, 2015    
Cube Series: Leftbox, Rightbox, and Laughbox, 2015  
Neu Piece A & B, 2015    
Meade, 2015
The Way In: Rare Birds/Hallways, 2014
Roofday Installation Piece, 2014
down duet, 2014
Edge Cycle, 2013
Chair Study, 2013  
Buy Focus, Try Range, 2013    
Line Line Line
, 2013  
Meade, 2012
Swing Low, Gatsby, in your Great Grey Room, 2012

With Lanusa Music:
Skeletons As Leavers, 2015
Noah Feels August Like I Feel August, 2013
Skies |Floor, 2010