Neu Piece A & B, 2015    

Neu Piece A, 2015

Neu Piece B, 2015

Action resulting in inaction…

A layering of events, each angle of which has been carefully constructed to overlap, to create a tightly colluding choreography of interactions. As a person passes a screen, the action of walking resides in their body, but as it winds down, it passes to a viewers memory, and then as it completes, lives in the world of what was, a video world, a documented world by eyes and perhaps by experience, but no longer an active element, the element exists only in our residue. This residue builds. In each person’s mind the right before overlays with the right now and the right after. Some things are repeated, recognizably so. Some things are static. A constant memory. A constant question of, what changed? 

As the changes of spatial structure occur, the lines of the screens fade, challenging an eye to decode. A final installation is placed. And all of the overlap, and blur, and confusion, and chaos, deflates into that solid, still, static outline. A replacement of action with inaction.