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Selected Dance Performances:
breath chain by Emily Craver, 2020
Longo-Wiley by Bebe Miller, 2020  
What is Over the Body is Under the Light by Dian Jing, 2020
Shale Forming by Katherine Moore, 2019
o u n d i n g Line by Adrienne Westwood, 2019
You Are My Lobster by Aaron McGloin, 2008-2018
Transient Passage Through Varied Ambiances by Katherine Moore, 2017
Underage Thinking by Aaron McGloin, 2011-2017
Avant Garden by Aaron McGloin, 2017    
Avant Garden Part II by Aaron McGloin, 2016
NATIVE, by Aaron McGloin, 2014
LAND, by Aaron McGloin, 2013
ANIMAL, by Aaron McGloin, 2012
Record by Adrienne Westwood, 2012
Spit and Skip by Mari Meade, 2011
Perfect Me by Katie Swords, 2011
Ghost Ship by Daniel Clifton, 2010
q and unfinished sentences by Mari Meade, 2010
Community:Ratio by Mari Meade, 2009-2010
Dust by Daniel Clifton, 2009
Wanna Come to My Place? by Celia Rowlson-Hall, 2008