The Maya Project Archive

In a tribute to the project’s ongoingness, all iterations of The Maya Project have been archived with descriptions, letters and/or numbers. Here is how to translate the archival names of each piece of this work:

The Maya Project_4_S_VisibleTime_1 translates (moving backward) to:
The 1st performance
of the “Visible Time” vignette
on the 19th (S=19th letter of the alphabet) gathering
in the 4th series of devising,
of this iterative art work, The Maya Project.

One-off sessions of The Maya Project like a workshop, installation, or single performance, include a description of that event: eg, The Maya Project_Virtual Lecture_Orientation

In addition to the iterations, all cameras used in The Maya Project have also been archived with a letter.  In some cases, the cameras used are included in the archival name: eg, The Maya Project_4_E_1_D, which is the footage from only the Camera dubbed ‘D’ during this iteration.


  • The Maya Project_Virtual Lecture_Orientation
  • The Maya Project_Virtual Lecture_Acts of Framing

APRIL 2020



  • The Maya Project Workshop: Power_Group Forms Composition
  • The Maya Project 3_G
  • The Maya Project 3_F
  • The Maya Project 3_E
  • The Maya Project 3_D
  • The Maya Project 3_C
  • The Maya Project 3_B
  • The Maya Project 3_A


  • The Maya Project_2_G
    • The Maya Project_2_G_2:Witnessed
  • The Maya Project_2_F
    • The Maya Project_2_F_2
    • The Maya Project_2_F_1
  • The Maya Project 2_E
  • The Maya Project 2_D
  • The Maya Project 2_C
  • The Maya Project 2_B
  • The Maya Project 2_A


  • The Maya Project_1_J
    • The Maya Project_1_J_1-3_Excerpts
  • The Maya Project_1_I
  • The Maya Project_1_H
    • The Maya Project_1_H_3
    • The Maya Project_1_H_2
    • The Maya Project_1_H_1
  • The Maya Project_1_G
  • The Maya Project_1_F
    • The Maya Project_1_F_2
    • The Maya Project_1_F_1
  • The Maya Project 1_E
  • The Maya Project 1_D
  • The Maya Project 1_C
  • The Maya Project 1_B
  • The Maya Project 1_A