Toward a Third Archive: Unfinished, Unordered, 2019

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Toward a Third Archive: Unfinished, Unordered, 2019
co-created with Kaiya Gordon
Performed by: Kaiya Gordon, Davianna Green, Yildiz Guventurk, Lynn Kim, Dian Jing, Brianna Johnson, Kathryn Nusa Logan, Claire Melbourne, Katherine Moore
presented as part of The Practice and Politics of Looking performance event presented by Gina “Osterloh in collaboration with The Wexner Center for the Arts
The Wexner Film/Video Theater, Columbus, OH 2019

“this work uses tools of the lyric essay, dance improvisation, and film to question whether it is possible to make art which is unable to be saved and reused by the State.” -Kaiya Gordon