walking through doorways causes forgetting, 2018

Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting, 2018  
00:20:24 video dance performance and installation, without audience
00:19:41 video dance performance and installation, with audience

“The Doorway Effect is the experiential phenomenon of walking through doors and forgetting what one was doing. Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting was a site-specific installation by Jacklyn Brickman as part of a larger group exhibition of the same title in August of 2018. Located in a former school, built for children with Tuberculosis in the early 1900’s. The installation spanned the ceilings of two classrooms connected by a doorway, employing remnants from a retired hot air balloon that hung from the ceilings. A choreographed movement reflected these sentiments by Claire Melbourne, Kathryn Logan, Katherine Moore and Sabine Bahrou.” -Jacklyn Brickman

Installation by Jacklyn Brickman
Camera Choreography by Kathryn Nusa Logan
Movement by Sabine Bahrou, Kathryn Nusa Logan, Claire Melbourne, Katherine Moore 
See: Jacklynbrickman.com