Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 4.55.45 PMHuman Satellites in Vegetal Space, 2020 

virtual world, video installation, video performance
collaboration with Jacklyn Brickman
Hopkins Hall Digital Gallery, Columbus OH 




Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 1.32.12 PM

Rainbow Squiggle, 2020
03:00 video dance
choreography, performance, camera choreography by Kathryn Nusa Logan
camera operation by Sean Corey
music by Matt Evans





06:16 video dance
Collaboration with Bita Bell 
Choreography and Performance by Bita Bell 
Camera Choreography and Editing by Kathryn Nusa Logan 
Composition and SoundDesign by Bita Bell 
Costume by Lindsay Simon  

“Derived from the courageous stories of migration in boats and contradicted with the derogatory term “FOB”, OFF is an exploration of bodies in misplacement. This film makes palpable a vulnerable experience through the sensibilities and motions seen on the skin, spine, hands and feet. The camera creates a placeless of place , ungrounding and situating the body in a void. OFF aims to create an emotional landscape through physicalizing the cinematic experience in order to seize a deeper human connection.” 

Based on a UNICEF Interview with 7 years old Syrian refugee, Malak.
c 2019 Produced at The Ohio State University Department of Dance 

2019 Screenings: 

  • Dansfilmfestival; Stockholm, Sweden
  • The Outlet Dance Project, New Jersey, United States
  • Moving Images international Videodance Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Merde The Show, New York, United States
  • Screen Dance Festival, Scotland, United Kingdom 



Toward a Third Archive: Unfinished, Unordered, 2019
co-created with Kaiya Gordon
Performed by: Kaiya Gordon, Davianna Green, Yildiz Guventurk, Lynn Kim, Dian Jing, Brianna Johnson, Kathryn Nusa Logan, Claire Melbourne, Katherine Moore
presented as part of The Practice and Politics of Looking performance event presented by Gina Osterloh in collaboration with The Wexner Center for the Arts
The Wexner Film/Video Theater, Columbus, OH 2019



Ways Cardinal, 2019
12:23 video dance
collaboration with Mason Chapello, Cole Henry-Jones, Kat Sauma, Erin Yen
camera choreography and sound design by Kathryn Nusa Logan
Following cardinal directions to map a safe space, four people create specific, imagined places, where certain movements, frames, and interactions live and begin to present a deliberation, or a storm port, or some enlightenment, or sense of freefall.


  • Dance@30fps After Dark, Columbus, OH



Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting, 2018  
20:24 video dance performance/installation
collaboration with Jacklyn Brickman, Claire Melbourne, Katherine Moore
Abandoned Columbus Special Education School, Ohio





screen-shot-2020-09-09-at-11.45.17-amCompound Present, 2018
04:53 video dance
dance performance by Brianna Rae Johnson
music by Bill Seaman + John Supko, Claude Debussy
camera choreography, video editing, sound design, poem by Kathryn Nusa Logan
informed by Richard Wilbur’s poem, Giacometti, and the collagraph No Prince and No Leviathan, by Grace T. White, named after the same poem. 


Screen shot 2017-10-23 at 8.57.31 PMFuture Anterior2017
04:44 video dance
dance performance by Kat Sauma
music by So Percussion
direction, camera choreography, video editing, poem by Kathryn Nusa Logan
poem read by Ro Boddie
poetic interpretations by Allison Altman, Ro Boddie, Joe Isenberg, Ian Merrigan


knl_choreo_nothingseriousNothing Serious ,2015
feature film by John Appleton
final solo choreography by Kathryn Nusa Logan
performed by Sara Sege






Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.58.19 AMThe Web of Azoth , 2014
40 minute dance
collaboration with Laura Cuille
performance by Laura Cuille, Kathryn Nusa Logan, Amanda McLeod, Robyn Rikoon
music performance by Justin Passmore
Site Specific Bushwick Space, NYC
Archaic Remnants and the Methods of Transfer present The Web of Azoth. Crawling out of the cave into a world of measureless light the Web is currently under construction to be released end of summer. We will be back with more music, dance, and visual arts for all your sences. Here’s a sneak preview.


Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.08.39 PMHowever Long You Call Them, 2014
10 minute live dance performance
Choreography, performance, music by Kathryn Nusa Logan
Center for Performance Research, NYC
This piece is a collaboration with myself- music and movement- in a fuller, more researched way than ever before, seeking information from the folk music tradition which runs deep in me, my father and my home town. A reconciliation of time, how it has passed, and how much control it has had: an abstract movement research into an individual experience of nature versus nurture.


Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.17.55 PM

The Cave , 2013
40 minute live performance with dance, live music and immersive sculpture
collaboration with Laura Cuille
choreographed by Kathryn Nusa Logan
dance performed by Laura Cuille, Kathryn Nusa Logan, Amanda McLeod, Robyn Rikoon
music performed by Justin Hampton, Don Panicko, Justin Passmore
Site Specific CrownHeights Space, NYC
If a cave was found preserving those physical and psychological human conditions, which have stayed constant throughout time, what would it look like? Sound like? Feel like?
In 2013 artist Laura Rey Cuille transformed a 2,000 sq.ft. Brooklyn basement studio into a cave inhabited by figurative sculptures frozen in psychological archetypes. A group of musicians and dancers were invited to step into this world to help tell the story of the never ending lights and shadows of the mind.

Groovy, That’s Lonely, 2013

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8 minute live performance 
choreographed and performed by Kathryn Nusa Logan
music by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Kathryn Nusa Logan
Gowanus Arts Production, The Green Building, NYC
Handel Performing Arts Center (HPAC) Hartford, CT
Shapeshifter Lab, NYC


Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 1.01.24 PMSweet Nothings2012
05:00 video dance duet
collaboration with Adrienne Wagner






Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 1.12.16 PMBy Speed of Foot Fall: On Being Seen, 2012
45 min live performance with dance, live string quartet, flute
Handel Performing Arts Center, Hartford, CT
dance performance by Katy Gilmore, Kathryn Nusa Logan, Stephanie Waddell, and Adrienne Wagner
music performance by Joey Abad, Kayla Herrmann, Annalise Ohse, Michelle Stockman, Evan Runyon,


222991_530485382547_2809877_nThe Orchard, 2011
45 min live performance with dance, live string quartet, classical guitar, video projection
collaboration with cellist Kayla Herrmann
dance performance by Katy Gilmore, Dale Harris, Aaron McGloin
music performance by Kayla Herrmann, Andrew 
video projection by John Appleton and Kathryn Nusa Logan
Lincoln Center Clark Studio Theater, NYC


Protean Volition, 2008

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5 min live dance performance
choreography and performance by Kathryn Nusa Logan
music by Joe Hundertmark
Triskelion Arts, NYC, 2011
Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC, 2008